Time and time again women come to me to learn how to stop attracting “fake” men.  What’s a fake man, you ask? Great question! A fake man is someone who only cares about himself and his image.  At his core, he’s deeply insecure and he probably has a hard time communicating. Since he struggles to communicate effectively, you’ll never know quite where you stand with a fake man and you’ll wind up questioning his intentions. The worst part, you’ll start to doubt yourself and your self-esteem will take a hit. 

Here are my top 5 tips to help you spot a fake man the next time you’re scrolling through profiles online: 

  1. When it comes to online dating, fake men tend to create online profiles with idealized versions of themselves because they’re seeking the attention of many women.  You may believe that these men are looking for a relationship but they’re actually interested in being liked and admired by lots of women. When you read a man’s profile has he listed all of his accomplishments, does it feel like you’ve just read his resume? Does it feel like he’s bragging? Red Flag!
  2. Fake men are usually not interested in the long term, monogamous relationships.  In their profile, these men will talk about their hobbies, their goals, maybe their kids but they won’t mention anything about wanting a long term relationship. Speaking of not wanting a relationship, fake men may try to ask you for your personal information i.e. email, address or phone number. They will want to meet too quickly and then inevitably they will also want sex too soon. A high-quality man might ask for your phone number or even ask you out on a date after only communicating for a short time. This is ok! The difference is that when you say that you would prefer to “hold off on meeting until you have a phone conversation” he’ll respect you and your request.  If he doesn’t, move on!
  3.  Since fake men are only interested in impressing others, they’re often shallow and don’t have a lot of depth. In their profiles, they’ll use words like “I have high standards” or “I’m highly successful.”  Be careful of men who lack character. With fake men, you can’t get a sense of their values. As high-quality women, you’re looking for a man whose values are aligned with yours. If a man doesn’t reveal his values, continue scrolling. He’s not your guy!
  4. Fake men struggle with telling the truth. If you’ve ever been on a few dates with a fake man you’ll notice that his stories are inconsistent. He may not have integrity, meaning his words and actions do not match. For instance, he may tell you that he’s going to call you on Tuesday and he may not call you until Thursday or he may not call you at all.  This makes trusting a fake man impossible. Don’t waste your time!
  5. Have you ever come across a man who talks about how much money he makes? Yeah, probably not as much. Most of the time, those that are well off don’t typically spend the time bragging about it. You should be weary of a man who wants to tell you all the time about how much money he makes. He might in fact be broke.  Red flag! This will lead right into the way he talks about his job or career. Is he claiming to be self-employed but yet has a hard time explaining what he does? You might later come to find out he’s actually unemployed.

There are good men out there and there may even be some exceptions to the rules above. So, it’s time to get out there and start attracting those high-quality men!

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