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Still wondering if the Feel Empowered and Find Love 90-Day Program is right for you? Read my reviews below to see how I’ve helped my clients.
When I met Jennifer she gave off a very warm, approachable and caring personality. Three issues I was struggling with before working with Jennifer were: 1. I’m a single mom of two and work long hours 2. I wasn’t able to attract a mate who made sense and fit in my life, 3. I was struggling to overcome my fear of rejection. Jennifer shared how some of her personal experiences had impacted her in ways that were debilitating. This gave me comfort knowing that I am not alone in my journey. Her compelling story helped me draw comparisons in connecting arteries that helped me heal and accept myself, release myself from fear, and also forgive myself and my past torments.
Ini U., Ontario, Canada

Jennifer is a highly intuitive dating and relationship coach! She was able to easily uncover my limiting beliefs and she gave me practical and effective tools. I highly recommend Jennifer!”
Karen M., Arizona

Beginning with our first phone call, Jennifer put me at ease and made me feel comfortable. I felt understood. She gave me tools to help me quiet my negative self talk and shift my mindset away from negativity towards more positive thoughts. Jennifer was supportive and she helped me to develop better communication skills in order to deepen and improve my current relationship. I would highly recommend her to any woman looking to find love and create a healthy relationship.”
Elle V., California

Jennifer has a way of sharing her experience to show that she’s been on the same journey you are on. The Find Real Love After 40 program is definitely magic for those who really want to learn how to love themselves, develop strong self-confidence and attract their soulmate. You won’t regret signing up – you’ll regret NOT signing up! This is an important experience for anyone who has struggled with fears, doubts, insecurity and sham around dating and finding their soulmate.”
Christy E., California

I always get so excited when I am going to be coached by Jennifer because I consistently feel better after our call. She is so intuitive and kind when guiding me through whatever it is I am focusing on. I’m grateful for the clarity she helps me through the processes. Jennifer is very genuine with a good heart and I would recommend her to anyone looking for love over 40!
Crystal W., Oregon

I really value the coaching sessions I had with Jennifer. She was immediately easy to talk to, always 100% present with me, and very straight-forward. She quickly helped me get clear and focused on my goals. She knew just how much to challenge me to achieve greater improvement & progress with my current relationship situation, without tipping me over into feeling discouraged or overwhelmed, and helped me gain greater confidence in my own wisdom and ability to create the relationship I want. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in improving or creating their ideal romantic relationship.
Rachel H., Boston

Jennifer is a powerfully positive dating coach. With her experience and dedication, Jennifer can help you to regain your confidence and attract higher quality men. She is a fantastic coach who will help support and guide you to overcome any obstacles that may be standing in your way from being with the man of your dreams. If you are serious about attracting your soulmate and creating a long-term relationship, you should call Jennifer now!
Heidi P., Pennsylvania

Jennifer is an absolute delight! The moment we spoke I could feel her calm comforting energy. Together we addressed my anxiety. Her authentic relatable nature put me at ease and allowed me to truly open up about myself. She offered ideas and strategies to keep me moving in the right direction. Jennifer is truly inspiring and motivating. I feel like I can do anything because she made sure I was aware of my value and worth! She is every shade of awesomeness!
Nancy M., Georgia