:Have you ever been in a situation like this? You’ve met a great guy and started dating. You feel comfortable around each other, have fun together, and he seems interested in you. But after about a month or so, of dating, things start to change. His calls and text messages become more sporadic and he’s stopped asking you out on a consistent basis. You start to worry and ask yourself “What happened? What did I do wrong?” I’m here to tell you that you didn’t do anything wrong! This is not your fault. You may have just missed the warning signs. Unfortunately, the man you’ve been dating may be emotionally unavailable. An emotionally unavailable man is not the type of guy that you should be devoting your time to. Whether he’s afraid of being rejected, is nursing past heartbreaks, doesn’t want to put in the work that comes with being in a partnership, or is affected by actions he is not aware of or can’t control, he is not in a relationship for the long haul. Dating him is a waste of your energy if you’re looking for a long-term relationship with a quality man. If you’ve ever found yourself in a similar situation, here are three tips to help you figure out whether or not the man you’re dating is emotionally unavailable: #1: Dating History As you’re out dating and getting to know different men, you should inquire about their pasts. Ask them about his previous relationships, including how many they’ve had and how long their relationships tend to last.  Men who are emotionally unavailable typically can’t maintain long-term relationships. They tend to bail out right when the normal stage of intimacy develops. Instead, these men tend to have had a string of short-term relationships and yours could be the next link in the chain. #2: Listen for the Warnings Men who are not emotionally available will let you know. They’re vocal about their faults and they’ll fall back on these statements when they decide to end things with you and say they told you they weren’t relationship material. They will say things like, “I’m not good at relationships,” “I’ve never been in love,” or “I don’t believe in marriage.” Believe them! Don’t waste your time trying to change them. These men can only change when and if they want to. #3: Inconsistent Behavior Emotionally unavailable men are only available when it’s convenient for them and they won’t shift anything in their life to match yours. They’re selfish and won’t take your feelings or needs into consideration — their feelings and needs are the only ones that matter.  Often times they’ll come up with personal or work-related excuses as to why they can’t spend time with you. Even after a romantic getaway, these men may vanish for a long period of time without any contact. Break the cycle and get what you deserve Ladies, you need to ask yourself, “Why would I want to be with a man who can’t reciprocate my feelings and won’t be there for me?” Don’t spend time focusing on an emotionally unavailable man; thank yourself for recognizing the signs and concentrate on moving on. You deserve to be with a high quality man who wants to be in a long term relationship with you! If you’re ready to take action NOW and learn how to boost your confidence so you can stop attracting emotionally unavailable men and finally start attracting the man of your dreams, click the link below to: Book a FREE 30-minute Breakthrough Call today!