As you step prosperously into a new year (goodbye 2020!) it’s now a wonderful time to refuel and focus on one of your main goals: finding a partner and creating a relationship that fulfills all of your deepest desires.

As we move to a more digital world with each new year, especially thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, online dating has become the new normal. Now is the perfect time to create or revamp your existing online dating profile. No matter what dating site you choose to use, a strong and personable profile is key to attracting a high-quality man. I understand that putting yourself out there can feel scary sometimes, but creating an online dating profile can be the extra boost you need to gain the confidence to get out and start dating.

Here are my top 3 tips to help you to create an eye-catching profile:

1. Photos form an initial attraction 

When browsing an online dating site, the first thing that catches a man’s eye is your picture. Whether you want that to be the case or not, a photo is the key piece of your profile that draws a man to want to know more about you. I highly suggest that you have a friend or professional photographer take a photo, or series of shots, of you to use in your profile. This small investment could have a high return rate in scoring the love you desire. 

 My expert tips for creating an online dating profile picture that pops include:

  • Make your main photo a headshot. 
  • Look into the camera with a genuine smile.
  • Avoid wearing sunglasses, hats, or any other accessory that could hide or diminish your true look. 
  • Dress tastefully and in your own unique style. 
  • Choose a simple background so that the only star of the photo is you. 
  • Avoid over-filtering your photos. 
  • Ensure the size and quality of your photo are to the website’s standard to avoid blurriness, problems with loading, or hard-to-see shots.

2. Unique details create a connection 

Whether it be a group chat or a dating website profile, writing about who we are and what we enjoy can feel taxing. As women over 40, we’ve been through a lot! We have a plethora of life experiences that have shaped us into the women we are today but deciding what to share can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Don’t stress it too much. Instead, focus on ways to be lighthearted and personable while highlighting your most prominent traits and favorite activities. 

I suggest that you: 

  • Keep things positive. Emphasize traits, skills, and hobbies that are exciting and fun  
  • Include descriptions (the show, don’t tell mentality) not just adjectives. For example, instead of saying that you’re kind, say “on the weekends you’ll find me volunteering at my local homeless shelter.”
  • Have a playful and upbeat approach to all aspects of your profile.
  • Don’t be overly lengthy in your details. Too much information can be a lot to take in. Instead, break your thoughts into paragraphs, and be sure to mention your relationship goals.

3. Monikers add a personal touch while keeping things fun 

Depending on the site you may decide to opt out of using your real name. If you prefer to go with a moniker be mindful of what you choose and how it could be perceived by others. 

  • Choose a moniker that is:
  • Fun
  • Easy to read
  • Indicative of your personality
  • Respectful
  • Classy 
  • Authentic

Avoid using monikers that are

  • Hard to read or understand
  • Extremely long
  • Raunchy or overly sexual
  • Demeaning or disrespectful
  • Hard to remember 

Monikers are a fun way to add extra pizazz to your online dating profile while also maintaining a level of privacy that you otherwise wouldn’t have by including your name. If you’re looking to tiptoe somewhere in the middle with a mix between a moniker option while also including your name, use your first name with last initial or something fun that includes your first name like SmilySarah or MountainLoverMia. Mixing your name with your passions can be a fun way to express yourself.

Creating a strong online dating profile will allow your unique personality to shine! In turn, you will more easily attract the guy that’s right for you.

If you’re ready to take action and get more tips on how to create an eye-catching profile so that you can learn how to attract the right guy for you, then just click on the link below to schedule your FREE 30-minute Breakthrough call today!